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Does beeswax have anti-bacterial properties?

May 24, 2017

With so many balms and creams being made at home, there is many questions about beeswax. If you are looking for details on the anti bacterial qualities of beeswax, we have a starting point.
Hygge & candles- living well and happy.

March 29, 2017

To live well and happy is a goal for everyone. We were introduced to "The little book of Hygge" and it was joy to read. What is a Hygge (hoo ga) moment and why are the Danish  ranked number 1 on the happiness scale?
Autumn planting for bees = less chemicals in the garden.

March 06, 2017

Autumn is the time to plant the seeds that grow into flowers in winter that feed your local bees. The bonus is, this packet of seeds will also reduce your chemical usage in the garden.
One bite at a time

February 12, 2017

This wonderful book highlights the need for all of us to be more aware of our chemical filled world. If also gives us the motivation to continue our our journey to create a full range of chemical free candles.
Candles for shrines, altars, sacred spots and personal spaces

December 24, 2016

A special place at home, a space to relax, take a breathe, a spot for your special collection. Why are altars, sacred spaces and shrines so popular, and which candles are being used?


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