Australian Certified Organic Beeswax

Our Australian Certified Organic beeswax is 100% chemical free. It’s unique to our local area, as the beeswax is only gathered from the Northern Rivers region. There are so many amazing uses of this safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly product.



Depending on your desired outcome, you can buy it from us in beeswax beads, pellets, pearls, or blocks. These products are perfect for crafting candles, food wraps, lip balms, and body butter. If you buy our 100% organic beeswax on a regular basis, don’t miss out on becoming a member of our popular subscription service to receive discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does beeswax need to be organic-certified?

All beeswax can be classed as ‘organic’, as it’s a natural product. However, certified organic beeswax means that beekeepers keep their hives and bees a certain distance from agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Also, no chemicals are used in the hives to control pests. This means that when you burn our certified organic beeswax, no toxic fumes will be released.


How do  you melt beeswax?

The safest way to melt beeswax is by using a double boiler. Put wate rin a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Then put another sauce pan, with the beeswax, on top of the boiling water. This ensures the beeswax melts gently and the priorities of the wax is not changed.  Feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ page for more information about our beeswax products.