Beeswax Valentine's Day Candles

Flowers, cards, and chocolates make for traditional gifts, but at Happy Flame, we symbolise love and adoration with our romantic beeswax Valentine's Day candles. Shower your partner with affection all year long with our candle subscription service, the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you need pillar candles to set the mood, floating candles to fill the bath, or stunning designer candles for a truly special gift, we'll help you create a memorable occasion. Made with 100% Australian beeswax, our candles are designed to burn all night long.



What makes beeswax Valentine’s Day candles different from other types of candles?

Our beeswax candles have a gentle floral aroma; no fragrances are added to upset sensitive noses. The beeswax Valentin's Day candles fill your room with soft candlelight to ensure the mood is just right.

While other candles can contain fragrances that create toxic fumes, our candles are 100% pure Australian beeswax to ensure the aroma is natural, and not harmful. Since our start in 2006, our quality candles are hand-crafted by the team at Happy Flame.


What other beeswax candles are good to gift on Valentine’s Day?

Our designer's range of beeswax candles makes for an ideal gift on Valentine's day; designed to be beautiful, even when not lit. Alternatively, another popular choice is our candle in the glass collection; where one can choose from our white, amber, or clear glass containers to match your decor.