Beeswax Advent Candles

Light your Christmas advent candle each day in December to create some homely cosiness and festive excitement. The advent candles for sale by Happy Flame are made from 100% Australian Certified Organic Beeswax, making them eco-friendly.  If you adore beeswax candles, be sure to check out our savings possibilities on our subscription page.

The countdown to Christmas is an exciting tradition, especially with the beeswax advent candles Australia’s been enjoying for years now. They provide about 30 hours of candlelight, with enough to last for a few hours on Christmas Day.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many days do the beeswax advent candles count for?

On the first of December, let your Christmas advent candle burn until it reaches the next ‘day’, and on the second, light it again. There are 25 days written on the candle, with some beeswax left to burn on Christmas Day.

How long does the beeswax advent candles burn for?

Our beeswax advent candles burn for approximately 30 glorious hours, providing a warm glow. It’ll burn for about 30 minutes to one hour to symbolise one day. Each time you light this festive beacon, it effortlessly brings people together, so lighting them right before a meal is a lovely idea.


What do the beeswax advent candles represent?

For the majority of people, lighting candles at Christmas symbolises and celebrates light defeating darkness. Our Christmas advent candles add a little beeswax candlelight to each day, creating an exciting countdown. 

For more details about our beeswax candles, please refer to our FAQ page.