Beeswax Candles in Glass

Our luxury beeswax candles in glass add a touch of elegance to any room. Choose from a variety of stunning designs and colours, including clear glass, white glass, sparkle-cut glass, and amber glass. Buying refills for your glass candles is easy – check out our popular subscription page for some great deals.

You can reuse these glass jars time and time again, as they are made from high-quality glass and can handle heat safely, and our 100% Australian Certified Organic beeswax candles are sustainable and eco-friendly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Does beeswax stick to glass?

Beeswax can stick to glass jars, but can be cleaned off easily. You can find 2 recommended cleaning methods on our FAQ page. Make sure you keep any leftover beeswax, as you can reuse it to create new candles using our recycling beeswax kit.


How do you clean beeswax off glass?

There are 2 recommended ways to clean beeswax off glass. For small bits of beeswax, use cold water and place the glass jars in the fridge overnight to loosen the wax. For more stubborn beeswax, use soapy hot water to remove the wax. For full details of these methods, please refer to our FAQ page.