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Shipping costs

Our shipping charges:

We are always trying to reduce shipping costs but also want to make sure you get your order safely and as fast as possible.

We use Australia Post to send our packages all around Australia and the world.

We try to keep our shipping charges simple:

In Australia:

Free Shipping: Purchase $99 or more and there is no shipping cost for you.

$9.50 shipping: Purchase candles or beeswax under the value of $20 and we charge a flat rate of $9.50 These are for our smaller items.

$15 shipping: Purchase over $17 but under $99 of our products and there is a $15 shipping charge.

Express postage: We are not officially in an Express postage area so there is no guarantee that if we pay more for Express it will actually ship faster.  BUT, we have found that most times Express can move it along a bit faster. Soooo, if you need something fast please message or email us and we can work out a price on Express shipping and let you know if it would help to get it to you faster.



All orders shipped outside Australia the shipping cost is calculated on the weight of the order. This is done automatically as you check out.

You have a choice of standard shipping or express. The relevant costs will be shown.


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