Which candle is best for your lifestyle?
July 09, 2020

Which candle is best for your lifestyle?

“So many candles! Which is the best candle for me”

This is the most common question we have and one we love to work through with everyone who asks.

It is important to firstly understand what we are trying to achieve when burning our beeswax candles. Everyone loves watching a candle flame and enjoys the light it creates. A room full of beeswax candle light is truly a relaxing place to be.

With this in mind, we make our candles to have a beautiful bright flame and made in different sizes to ensure the flame can stay on top of the candle.

To keep the flame on top of the candle you need to burn it until the melted pool of beeswax reaches the edge. This ensures that the candle doesn't create a wall around the flame. When the wall occurs it is often called “hollowing out”, that is when the flame creates a hole in the middle of the candle.

So, burn your candles until they melt to the edge.  The wider the candle, the longer it will take to burn to the edge of course.

As an example, our candle sticks take 5 minutes to get to the edge,  our large pillar candles can take 3-4 hours to melt all the way to the edge so this is the minimum burn times that we recommend you use these candles.

With this in mind, you need to consider how long you are going to burn your candles each time. If, for example, you will be burning a candle for more than 4 hours each time, then any of our candles suit.

BUT, if you you are only going to burn a candle for 10 minutes each time (eg meditation) then you need a narrow candle like our candle stick.

Here are our recommendations for which candle to choose for different burn times:
Please remember there are no maximum burn times with our candles, the following are just the minimum burn times to ensure the the pool of melted wax gets to the edge and the candle flame is therefore on top of the candle.

5-10 minute meditation: a candle stick.
30 minutes or more for dinner time:  “Mullumbimby light “
2 hours or more relaxing: “Byron Lights”
3+ hours or more of candle light when you get home or when reading a book: choose our “Spirit of Byron” large pillar candles.

Candles in glass holders:
Tea lights like burning 2 hour and more. Perfect for warming essential oils or your pot of tea.
Our Happy lights are a good candle for on/off usage. They do like a minimum  burn time of one hour.
Votives like to burn 1 hour or more. These are also perfect for outdoors use as the taller glass holder shelters the flame. Add citronella oil to keep the mozzies away.

Lets look at a common example of a regular candle burner:
Your day may start with a candle burning for 10 minutes during mediation ,then an hour over lunch, then 4 hours at night.

For this home we recommend different candles for different times of the day: A candle stick for the morning, a "Mullumbimby" Light or Happy Light over lunch, then turn all the lights out and use a large "Spirit" candle to create a huge candle light at night.

Just using a large "spirit candle for all these times wouldn't work as the beeswax won't melt to the edge in the morning and lunchtime. This would cause the candle to only burn in the middle and hollow out, creating a wall around the flame.

We have just introduced a pack of candles to cover all the different times of the day. Itis called the "Starter candle Pack which six different candles for all the different times of the day. You can find it here in our online store.

If you are not sure what candle is best suited for your lifestyle please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Enjoy the candle light.

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