Do Beeswax candles burn longer and brighter?
September 27, 2022

Do Beeswax candles burn longer and brighter?

We have so many new people choosing their first beeswax candles. More people are becoming aware of the toxic fumes from other candles and are looking for an alternative.

But what about the light? Do beeswax candles burn brighter than other candles? How long do beeswax candles burn… are they longer burning than others?

When we make our candles there are three things that we focus on:

1. Long burning. Yes, when comparing the same size candles, beeswax candles that are made properly will burn longer than other types of candles. The important part is the made properly, as there are many beeswax candles that are not made to burn well. It is easy to see when the candle is not made to high standards, eg. Have you had a candle that the flame “drowns” in the wax? This is a candle with either the wrong wick or the beeswax is not cleaned well enough, (or both). After 16 years making beeswax candles we know how to create candles that burn the longest times possible.

2. Bright, beautiful candle light only beeswax can create. When you first burn a Happy Flame beeswax candle you will also notice the big beautiful light it creates. Happy flame candles are famous for the brightness of the candle light.

So many people say that there is nothing like the light created by a beeswax candle. It has a warmth, a calming effect that is hard to describe but it truly is beautiful.

3. Creating a clean burning candle ie no toxic fumes. This comes from the beeswax, and we are the only professional candle makers that offer true certified organic (ie chemical free) beeswax in Australia.

So, a beeswax candle that made to the highest standards will burn longer than the same size candle made of other types of wax. But the bonus with a great beeswax candle is that it creates an amazing light.... enjoy.

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