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We started to create non-toxic candles to help you breathe easier … but now is a bigger journey

When we started back in 2006 a friend said change usually comes first from a need in your family, and that is why we started Happy Flame.

Our boys were asthmatics back then and we found that burning beeswax candles helped them breathe easier. This is due to the ionization effect of beeswax that helps clean the air.

There were not many beeswax candles around then, and the ones that were available were not, in our eyes, fairly priced.  We realised there was a need for beeswax candles made the traditional way, pure, no additives, chemical free, oil free AND that burnt very well.

“Burning well” means the flame is bright (Happy)  -  a flame that lights the room, not just ”wimps along”, barely shining any light. That is where our name came from  -  “Happy Flame Candles”  -   a need for bright, happy candle that burns a long time … and non toxic.

So, our journey started to make candles for the family and then introduced our small range of rolled honeycomb candles and tea lights to the world… it has grown to meet many individual needs. Whether you need a candle to help the family settle at the end of the day or for spiritual needs, we feel we have a candle or lantern for you.

We are from the beautiful the Northern Rivers  -  Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Bangalow, Lennox Head, Casino, Kyogle. We create our candles in Alstonville, NSW, Australia. We are very proud to be a local, small business.

This is a very special place in the world, with beautiful rain forests, AND the best beaches in the world such as Byron Bay and Lennox Head. (Not that we are bias :).  We are surrounded by amazing artists, creators and makers which helps us stay true to our belief in creating beautiful, high quality candles at a fair price.

We work in partnership with 4 beekeepers. They have their bees spread across the rainforests, cattle country, farms and coast line of the Northern Rivers creating the best honey and the cleanest beeswax available in Australia (much sought after!) They move their bees around to match the seasons of the trees, ensuring that the bees are not affected by any spraying on the farms.

… and now we are starting a bigger journey: 100% Chemical free for your home.

Even though our beeswax is some of the cleanest in world, our customers and friends have grown more conscious of the chemicals used on our farm lands. Therefore we wanted to offer a 100% chemical free beeswax candle range … guaranteed. So, in 2015, we introduced our Australian Certified Organic beeswax range.  Full story here on our blog.

This is rare beeswax, it usually goes overseas, and therefore we are offering a range of our most popular candles. (All our certified organic candles are here). We hope this range will grow as more of the certified organic beeswax becomes available.

If you have any questions about Happy Flame, our products or beeswax please don't hesitate to call or email. Our 100% Happy Guarantee is here.Our contact details are here: Contact details for Peter




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