Beeswax Candle Subscription

Enjoy our natural beeswax candles' relaxing ambience and aroma all year long with our convenient candle subscription service. Whether you want candles delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, take advantage of our flexible delivery options and subscribe to save. Choose from our wide range of pillar, tapered and designer beeswax candles, made to calm, invigorate and inspire.


What is a Candle Subscription Service?

A candle subscription works like any other subscription with reoccurring orders and delivers tailored to suit your needs. You can always have your favourite candles ready to burn with our convenient candle subscription boxes. We'll take the hassle out of ordering our beeswax candles with flexible delivery options. Enjoy your favourite candles delivered to your door monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly with our set-and-forget service.


How Does It Work?

Our candle subscription service is quick and easy. Simply choose your favourite beeswax candles, the quantity you need, and how often you need them delivered, either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.


Monthly Subscription
Light our beeswax candles every day? You'll love our monthly candle subscription, made for the true candle lover who craves a constantly calm and relaxing environment. 
Every 2-Month Subscription
Our bi-monthly candle subscription is the most popular option. When monthly deliveries are too frequent, we'll conveniently ship your favourite beeswax candles every second month instead. 
Every 3-Month Subscription
Because our beeswax candles burn longer and drip less, you may find they only need replacing every three months. Take advantage of our quarterly subscription service and always have our natural Australian beeswax candles available in your home, ready to light or give as a gift.


What About Delivery?

Our candle refill subscription makes deliveries easy. We automatically ship your order each month, second month or quarter, depending on your subscription. We'll send you an email reminding you when you can expect your new beeswax candles. 


Can I Skip a Delivery?
Yes. If you need to skip a delivery for whatever reason, simply log into your personal portal and change the delivery date of your next order. We'll happily ship your missed order the next month or quarter.


Cancelling or Stopping the Subscription

We hope you love the convenience of our candle subscription service; however, we understand you may need to cancel or stop your subscription. While we're happy to pause or stop your deliveries, we ask for a minimum of three deliveries before canceling or stopping your subscription.


Contact Happy Flame For Further enquiries

Considering joining our candle subscription? We can't wait for you to join our candle community! Feel free to contact the friendly happy flame team at 0429625519 or email to answer any questions and help you get started.

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