Things we do to help the planet

Since 2016 we have been passionate about ensuring our affect on the planet is minimal. Below is a list of things we do to ensure our footprint is small.

We also help you reduce your footprint by creating planet friendly products to use. Thanks for being apart of our ongoing goals to help nature.

What do we do:

We make beeswax candles to help reduce the use of candles that create toxic fumes.

For example, Paraffin wax (most popular candles have some paraffin wax) is a by-product of diesel fuel so they create toxic fumes when burnt- bad for you and the planet.

We offer Australian Certified organic beeswax, because it causes no harm to the planet.

Certified organic  means there is no synthetic pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in our beeswax or in the processes in the making of our candles.  This means when you burn our candles your home has no toxic fumes.

Organic beekeeping is also good for the planet, no chemicals are used in the beehives and in the sheds. The bees are pasture fed (national parks and farm free areas) so they feed on chemical free flowers. Cruelty free- all our beekeepers are second and third generation, so they look after the bees. It all adds up to healthy bees and the best beeswax and honey.

Plastic free, compost able packaging:

We are very proud of our packaging, we have worked hard to keep everything inside and outside the box plastic free, and compost- able... very important for the planet.

It is also important to keep your candles and lanterns safe when we send them. to you, so we use the following:

For wrapping:

We use a product called Green Wrap. This is a clever pre-cut paper that expands when you stretch it. This creates a cushion of paper which protects our candles and lanterns and replaced all the plastic bubble wrap.

Potato and corn balls (look like foam) we use to give extra cushioning when needed. 100% recyclable and 100% compost able (they dissolve in water).

Paper tape inside and out. No plastic tape, we use a wonderful gummed paper tape which saves huge amounts of plastic for sealing boxes.

No fragile stickers on the outside either. We hand stamp the outside of each box, takes time but worth it to stop using single use plastic.

No machines. 

It would be so much easier to make our candles with machines (like most other beeswax candles are made today).

But machine-made candles have no soul. A handmade candle has a little bit of the maker in it. Made with good intent.

Handmade also saves a huge amount of power and the planets resources. More details of our hand crafting methods are here in our blog.


Recycling is important at Happy Flame


We do not use aluminum or plastic holders for any of our our candles. We give  you a reusable glass holder with any candle that needs a holder. Using aluminum or plastic holders is environmentally un-friendly and we are not sure how safe it can be when you burn a candle in them.


    We try to encourage everyone to help nature were possible. We give away free organic seeds to encourage people to grow more flowers in their backyards. This is a simple way to help the local bees .

    Organic seeds to help Honey Bees We also encourage you to reuse or recycle your left over beeswax with our recycle kit (here) or send it back to us for reusing.


    If one of our lanterns is damaged , we are happy to repair it.   This saves resources and ensures you can continue to use your Happy Flame products.

    If we can’t repair it we will “trade-in”/ recycle the beeswax so you can afford to buy another one.

    We would love to hear from you and any more ideas on how you help the planet, email, phone, or any of the social media.


    Peter and the Happy Flame Team