Beeswax Mother's Day Candles

Make mum's day extra special with our range of stunning mother's day candles. Whether you need a mothers day candle gift set or want to spoil her all year with our candle subscription, we've got you covered. From traditional pillars to tapered designs and intricate handmade flower candles, we have something for every mum.

Our candles are all hand-crafted by the team at Happy Flame. Founded in 2006, we are known for making quality, 100% Australian beeswax candles that combine natural materials with modern designs, our candles burn longer so mum can enjoy the calm and relaxing ambience all day - the perfect gift to honour and appreciate the incredible mothers in your life. 



What makes beeswax Mother’s Day candles different from other types of candles?

The beautiful floral aroma comes from what the bees gather, meaning there are no artificial additives in the beeswax mother's day candles. The candlelight of our candles will fill your mum's room creating a gentle, calm space for her to relax in.


What other beeswax candles are good to gift for Mother’s Day?

Mum would love one of our beeswax mother's day candles in a glass. There are three different glasses available: White, Amber, or clear to suit her home decor.

Alternatively, our Pillar candles create a big, beautiful light; ideal for the dinner table or her meditation room. The Happy Flame Designer candles are unique. Stunning designs on these candles ensure that the candles look great even when not lit.