Why others choose Happy Flame beeswax candles?

Why people like our beeswax candles.

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Our candles are safe, chemical free:

Our candles are 100% beeswax... no oils (including NO palm or Canola oil), no artificial fragrances.  We keep it simple so you can enjoy the candles without worrying, no toxic smoke, no metal wicks. Safe. All hand made by us.

Beautiful to watch:

Have you ever had a candle that has a very “dull”, small flame? Have you watched the wick “drown” in the wax pool? 

You are not alone, we hear of these issues every week.

 Why happy flame- bright candle light

Bright, happy flames:

As our name suggests, we make our candles with a bright, “Happy Flame”. NO wimpy flames on our candles.  Every batch of candles have been tested until the flame and the wax burns perfectly, filling the room with beautiful light. We don’t cheat.. no oil is added to our candles to make them burn. We combine the right wick and wax, the way it should be done. Handmade, made by people, not machines.

Beautiful honey aroma:

The aroma from OUR beeswax candles is amazing. A gentle honey aroma which will fill the room. Perfect for the hypo-sensitive, it is gentle on the sensors. Calming, beautiful. Perfect to relax, mediate, healing.

Help your family breath easy:

When you burn your Happy Flame Candle it emits negative ions. These ions act as a “cleanser” for the surrounding air because toxins, such as dust, pollen, germs  and mildew, are  positive ions. When the two meet the air is purified.

Many mums have told us that burning a Happy Flame Candle has helped their kids sleep better. Our experience in our family is that the  combination of the “cleansing” effect and the calming aroma certainly has helped at bedtime.

Hand made is important.

We make all our candles and lanterns by hand, no machines, with care and good intent. We do this to ensure every candle is the very best it can be... very special to burn.

Relax... enjoy.

Why do YOU love candles? They offer so much- you can burn a beeswax candle to relax, to reflect on the world or a loved one. They are lit to celebrate by, or to keep you company while having a small drink. They can help kids sleep, they set the mood and can light a house in a black out! 

A simple beeswax candle can do so much.

As we say to all our fellow candle lovers... relax and enjoy!