Beeswax Candle Gift Sets & Value Packs

Treat yourself or someone else with our exquisite collection of beeswax candle gift sets and value packs. For any occasion, enjoy our beeswax candle gift sets, natural beeswax candles, and candle accessories with our convenient subscription service.


At Happy Flame, we offer a range of planet-friendly packs and individual candles, crafted from 100% Australian Certified, Organic Beeswax, to cater to every occasion. For a special gift, discover our set of three Embossed Meditation candles. Each candle burns for 9 hours and is 5.5cm wide and 3cm tall. With lotus, frangipani, and mandala heart flower detail, these candles are freestanding and come with a linen gift bag. If it’s originality you’re after, you can’t go past our Honeybee Gift Pack. Sculpted into honeycomb, hives, and bumble bees, the candles come in three sizes and have a combined burning time of 61 hours.

We also offer a wide range of beautiful long-burning tealights in some of our packs. For a subtle floral perfume, try our 9-Hour Beeswax Tealight. Or, for 176 hours of soft candlelight, experience our Family Pack — crafted from 100% Australian beeswax. At Happy Flame, there’s a candle for every occasion, with burning times from 4 to 400 hours. Our small beeswax essentials pack is also a great gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the beeswax candle gift sets available for a limited time only?

We always offer a range of candle packs but some do change throughout the year to suit the different seasons. Our Winter Warmer pack is most popular in the cooler months as the candles offer long burning times and a big candlelight that is ideal for the long nights.

Are the beeswax candle gift sets good for any occasion?

All our candle packs are created to give a range of beeswax candles to suit all gifting occasions. Whether you would like to give a small gift to a friend, like the Embossed gift pack, or a special gift when visiting a family, we think there is a pack for everyone.

Why are the beeswax candle gift sets a value pack?

Our gift packs are offered at a special price to enable you to buy more candles and therefore get the best value for your budget. Combining many candles also allows people to try different candles to find the best one for their lifestyle.