Starter Beeswax Candle Pack

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We make many candles, of different sizes, for the different occasions you burn your candles. For example,  if you want a candle to burn for just 10 minutes each time to meditate then you need a narrow candle stick. Or if you want to fill your room with candle light all night long, our larger (wider) "Spirit of Byron" candles are made to burn for a minimum of 3 hours each time.  This pack covers all these different times of the day:

1 x solid pillar candle ("Spirit of Byron") made to burn for 4 hours or more each time so ideal to fill your rooms with candle at night. Total burn time up to 50 hours.

1 x "Byron Light" pillar candle for burn times of 2 hours of more. Perfect for when you come home and then dinner time. Total burn time up to 30 hours.

1 x "Mullumbimby Light" which is ideal for 30-60 minutes burn times.

2 x candle sticks for when you want to burn a candle a short time eg for 10 minutes. Perfect for meditation, breakfast time or at dinner time. Total burn tome 12 hours.

6 x Tea lights. Minimum burn time of 2 hours, ideal for your essential oil warmer, or to keep your pot of tea warm. Total burn time for the pack of 6 is 25 hours.

4 x of our Votives. A good candle to burn off+ on throughout your week. 14 hours each

Total burn time for the pack is up to 185 hours.🎉

✓ 100% local Australian beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)
✓ 100% Cotton Wicks
✓ Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

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