How far apart should I have my candles?
August 12, 2016

How far apart should I have my candles?

Set fo five solid beeswax candles from Happy Flame

I love a set of candles all together, and it seems many of you do too. It is a very popular choice at the moment and I think that is because it looks dramatic, a statement on a table or in a corner... a beautiful feature in a room.

Our Honeycomb and solid Spirit candles work well to create this effect. But how close can you have them together when you are burning a set of candles? Does it matter if they are close enough to touch each other? Will it effect/damage the candles?

Yes, it is important, when burning the candles, to have space between them. Two reasons for this:

Our candles burn all the way to the edge, so if a candle is touching another it will cause the melted wax to over flow, wasting beeswax and reducing the burn times.

Secondly, the heat from a candle close-by may melt the edge of the other candles. The result is the same, dripping candles and a shorter burn time.

Our recommendation is to have your candles 8 to 10 cm apart when burning. (You can still display them unlit closer together, but not when you burn them :) Not only will they burn at their best but you will have the extra spread of candle light in your room.... and that is the best way to light any room.


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Set of solid beeswax pillar candles