Honeycomb Beeswax Candles

Looking for something small to gift your friends, loved ones or colleagues? Our handmade beeswax candles make ideal presents. Inspired by our beloved honeybees, they’re made with 100% Australian beeswax, cotton wicks, and intricate designs. Shop your favourite honeycomb beeswax candles today or subscribe to our subscription service to receive bee-inspired candles delivered straight to your door. 

Bring nature into your home and celebrate the honey bee with our fragrance-free candles designed to savour the subtle aroma of honey. Whether your need pillar candles to dress the table or simply love the modern look of our textured candles, we have a range of honeycomb beeswax candles for sale.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are honeycomb beeswax candles made of pure beeswax?

Yes, our candles are made with 100% Australian beeswax. We do not add anything. The rich floral aroma is created by what the bees gather and put in the beeswax. We ensure all these good things are not filtered out when we clean the beeswax.  No overwhelming fragrances from our candles.


Why is the colour of the beeswax different from other beeswax candles?

They are made of 100% Australian beeswax gathered from our beekeepers in the Northern Rivers, The different colour of the beeswax occurs for a number of reasons including what the bees add, ie different pollens and nectar. Also how the beeswax is extracted (separated) from the honey. This can change the colour when different beeswax is mixed together from different hives.