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Honeycomb candles- made from Australian certified organic beeswax

Where are all the Honeycomb candles?

Sadly we don't have any sheets of beeswax to make the honeycomb candles at the moment.

The reality is that the drought and then bush fires and then floods over the last 24 months has made our certified organic beeswax a rare commodity. We had to choose whether to make more sheets or use the beeswax to make our other candles. The choose was for the most popular candles so the sheets have to wait.

"What about other honeycomb sheets?"

We make our honeycomb sheets from certified organic beeswax as the other sheets  can be full of chemicals.. not safe for you to burn.

Hopefully in the new year supplies of our certified organic beeswax will grow and we can create our safe honeycomb candles again.


For now, we have a few birthday candles and birthday candle making kits available.