6 Little Ways to Make Your Life Feel More Peaceful
October 23, 2023

6 Little Ways to Make Your Life Feel More Peaceful

Amidst the Chaos, 6 Little Ways to Make Your Life Feel More Peaceful

The philosopher Karl Jaspers once wrote, "There are tranquil ages, which seem to contain that which will last forever. And there are ages of change, which see upheavals that, in extreme instances, appear to go to the roots of humanity itself". Ours is clearly an age of upheaval. There's a lot going on right now - war, economic turmoil, social unrest, and political instability. The world, it feels, has spun into chaos, revealing deep-seated fragility.

And let’s face it: it can all feel overwhelming.

As hard as we might try, and as much as we'd like to think we are in control of our lives, we are not. We do not know what will happen next. Not really. The daily grind alone is hard enough.

So, how do we respond when the world is in chaos? How do we move forward in this stressful time.? Or at least find some respite and peace amidst the chaos?

We take back what we can control - even in the smallest of ways to find a more peaceful life.

Our homes are one such place. Everyone has a right to a safe, tranquil place to rest our weary heads. A haven where we can escape the stress of the world, recharge our batteries and fill our cups. A sanctuary to raise our children, gather with our loved ones close and take shelter from storms. A better way, a way to shelter from modern life. Finding ways to ensure these spaces are safe and peaceful is important. It is an act of self-preservation. 

Here are five little ways to make our homes a haven. The little things are important on a daily basis.

1. First Dim the Lighting

Big overhead lighting, all the digital devices, cell phones, TVs and computers are the biggest threat to maintaining our natural circadian rhythm and melatonin production and, thus, sleep patterns. Instead, the first step in the early evening, in your living room, light a candle or two or three, and in this lighting, watch how it brings everyone together and slows everyone down. The soft flickering light makes everyone feel calmer, the ambience is more tranquil, people speak softer, movements are more careful, and meals take longer, they create a sense of peace. In turn, our bodies wind down, the hormone melatonin kicks in, our digestion slows and prepares for rest, our hearts move into repair mode, stress hormones taper off, our mental sharpness softens, and our body temperature falls. 

More than this, the humble candle is a powerful symbol providing light in times of darkness. They offer us a place to take vigil, say a prayer, and send a blessing to all those in the heart of the chaos and hurt. Given what is happening worldwide, this practice seems more critical than ever. 

2. Next set a home soundtrack.

Queue a playlist of feel-good music that never fails to elevate our mood, and let that become the ‘soundtrack’ for your home. Keep this playlist at your fingertips whenever you need a quick pick-me-up or when you return home after a long day, add it to your everyday life. A easy way for all the family members to ease their mental health and bring peace of mind to your daily life.

3. Remove bad juju from your home. 

Your home is a repository of ‘stuff’, each item resonating with the energy. When negative memories are tethered to the objects you harbour at home, these reminders can drain our energy. Actively seek out and remove items linked to negative experiences from your living space. Clearing away the negative energy will bring you closer to relishing a more serene and harmonious space.

4 …and this includes your thoughts, not just your possessions.

Take a moment to consider: are you inadvertently filling your living space with stressful thoughts, and what are you doing that maintains this mindset? Undoubtedly, those sharing your living environment can sense the vibrations of your thoughts. This might prompt you to consider placing boundaries on your exposure to negative influences - limiting your consumption of news, turning off the television, and declare a temporary moratorium on social media. Instead, bring in some music, read a book, or do a meditation to bring more inner, true peace. By transforming the quality of your thoughts, you positively impact the people around you in an effective way. Your thoughts are present in the very fabric of your home.

​5. Bring the outside in

This concept is so much more than just a home decorating cliché. According to psychotherapist and author Patricia Hasbach, "...humans have an innate need to connect with nature, fostering a sense of kinship and belonging to the larger world". Nature exposure reduces cortisol, promotes calmness, alleviates anxiety, and enhances mood. Incorporate houseplants, natural materials like wood, bamboo, and wool in your interior, floral patterns, and natural colours in your home. This strengthens the connection to the natural world and reduces allergens and pollutants, creating a less stressful, healthier, and more serene environment. All adding to good feelings and positive emotions.

6. Take yourself into nature

When was the last time you took a long walk? Or indeed a short walk in bare feet? Maybe first thing in the morning to start the day? Fresh air and some physical exercise in green spaces is a wonderful way to clear the mind, Some simple deep breathing exercises while you take in the outside world is the easiest way to increase your oxygen levels to bring the stress levels down. Take a break today's world  in the outdoors.

We hope you have found one of these to help you to create a life of peace in the long term. Everyone has their own unique needs, and a few little steps can go along way.

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