Candle Holders

Explore our collection of beautiful candle holders and plates to display your favourite candles. Whether you're looking for an elegant table centrepiece or everyday candle holders to decorate your home, we've got something special for you. Enjoy your new decor all year with our candle subscription service for your favourite beeswax candles.

Find the perfect design to suit your style from glass candle holders to flat ceramic plates and spiked candle holders. Sturdy and robust, our classic spiked candle holders make perfect pillar candle holders. While our glass candle stick holders are ideal for tapered candles. Or when you need tealight candle holders to burn your tealights and votives safely, we have a range of modern glass candle holders.



How do I get wax out of the candle holder?

There are two methods we recommend:

The first is to fill them with cold water. Put the holder in the fridge and let it sit for a few hours (I normally leave it overnight) and the wax will loosen. The cold water makes the beeswax shrink, away from the glass. Give the wax a little tug and it will pop out.

The second method, for really stubborn beeswax, is to put the holders in a bowl /sink with hot soapy water - NOT BOILING water as boiling water may create a thin film of wax that covers the glass rather than clean it. With the hot soapy water, the beeswax will then come away with the heat.


What size candle for the candle holder do I need?

Our candle holders are made for specific candles. You can choose from five different tealight holders to suit your decor. Taper candles need one of our glass or ceramic candle stick holders. The holder will keep the candle straight so the doesn’t drip.

We also recommend one of the candle plates to place your pillar candles on. As our candles burn right to the end, so as to not allow the bottom to be too hot. A candle plate will also keep the heat off your special tables.