Beeswax Flower & Lotus Candles

Brighten up any room with our beeswax flower candles, exquisitely hand-carved from 100% Australian Certified Organic beeswax. Perfect for your home or as a gift, select from our premium flower designs, including the rose, water lily, daisy, or lotus. 


For an eye-catching centrepiece, you can’t look past our floating lotus flower. This candle is reusable, with outer petals that don’t melt. Just insert a new beeswax tealight each time. Check out our subscription page and discover our flexible membership option for our much-loved candle-buying community.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do all beeswax flower candles float?

If you are interested in floating beeswax flower candles, we offer the floating lotus flower beeswax candle and the honeybee on a flower candle.  These special candles are ideal for adding a unique touch to your décor, or creating a relaxing water feature for your home.


What are the dyed beeswax flower candles made with?

Most of our candles are sold in their natural beeswax yellow colour. However, if you are looking for a pop of colour, we have a range of candles in other colours, like our large water lily or lotus lantern candle. Rest assured, we only use natural, vegetable-based dyes, so these candles are still safe, non-toxic, and sustainable. For further information about our 100% certified organic beeswax candles, visit our FAQ page.