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Plastic free packaging

What's in the box?

We are very proud of our packaging, we have worked hard to keep everything inside the box plastic free, very important for the planet.

We used bubble wrap when we first started, but now we use a product called Green Wrap. This is a clever pre-cut paper that expands when you stretch it. This creates a cushion of paper which protects our candles and lanterns and replaced all the plastic bubble wrap.

The second important packing product is the potato and corn balls we use to give extra cushioning when needed. 100% recyclable and 100% compost able (they dissolve in water).

Of course, we hope you will re-use both these products for your packaging too.

Buying some of our Tea lights, Happy Lights or beeswax pellets? They will come in one of our unbleached cotton bags. Great for re-using to carry your smallish things too.