International orders-yes we send everywhere in the world

Not in Australia or would like to send direct overseas?

We love sending our Australian beeswax candles and lanterns around the world. We have so many great friends in so many countries enjoying our craft.


There one thing we need to check, though, before we can send our goods for you, that is how much is the freight:



This website is set-up to send goods within Australia so freight is set for Australia charges. If you are outside Australia, we need to workout the freight on your order. We can do this for you in two ways:


1. Order what you need now and we will email you with the exact freight costs, then send a Paypal invoice for the difference.


2. Email us what you would like to purchase and where you need us to send the to. We can then calculate the freight and let you know ASAP (the same day) what the total cost would be. We can then send a Paypal invoice for the total amount.


What about New Zealand?

We have permission, from your quarantine service, to send products to New Zealand except for the Honeycomb candles. All other candles and lanterns can be sent. We have a letter that shows the approval that we include in all shipments. If you would like a copy, just email me and I'l send a copy.


If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email me. Find the contact details here.