Beeswax Candle Accessories

Discover the perfect beeswax candle accessories to get the most out of your candles. We offer a range of dippers, wax seals, and beeswax polish to compliment and care for your candle collection. Enjoy our beeswax candle accessories or natural beeswax candles all year long with our convenient candle subscription service.


Our beeswax candle accessories include a lovingly crafted Candle Wick Dipper that extinguishes flame without smoke and re-coats the wick for next time. Our Beeswax Polish for Timber and Leather contains certified organic beeswax and olive oil to add softness to rejuvenate. You can also use a Classic Wax Stamp to add a personal touch to your letters or envelopes. Beautifully detailed, our designs make a sharp first impression. Last, but not least, celebrate a special occasion, choose from four exquisitely crafted Candle Pins to enhance your candles.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what kind of beeswax candle accessory I need?

Choose the candle accessory to make your life easier. The candle wick dippers ensure the flame is extinguished without any smoke or splashing of beeswax. 

Our polish is ideal if you own any wood furniture or special leather bags to ensure they are kept at their very best. 

Do I need all the beeswax candle accessories?

We think a candle wick dipper is ideal for everyone who burns any of our beeswax pillar candles. If you love decorating your candles or adding a personal touch to your letters, cards, and invitations, then select the candlepins and wax seals.

How often do I need to replace beeswax candle accessories?

Our wax seals and candle wick dippers will last a lifetime due to their high-quality metal materials. Our organic beeswax polish comes in a glass jar with 180 grams of polish. This will rejuvenate a large dining table twice or many leather handbags.