Beeswax Candle Lanterns

Our beeswax candle lanterns are skillfully hand-carved from 100% Australian Certified Organic beeswax. Each lantern in our collection is aesthetically beautiful and comes with three long-burn, certified organic beeswax tea lights and a glass holder.

When lit with one of these tealights, the lantern provides a warm amber glow and a naturally sweet honey aroma. As our candles are pure with no added chemicals or oils, you can have peace of mind that no toxic fumes will be released. 
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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I place the beeswax candle lantern?

Place your beeswax candle lantern wherever you want soft, warm candlelight. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and make a beautiful decorative accessory for tabletops, entryways, and mantelpieces.

The design of the candle lantern can also help you determine a perfect location. For example, the lotus candle is associated with purity and spiritual awakening, so this candle could enhance the ambiance of a space for relaxation.


How long do beeswax candle lanterns burn for?

Our candle lanterns are designed with longevity in mind. The average burning time of the included tealights is around 4 hours.  Find out more about all our candles and other useful information on our FAQ page