Beeswax Candle Care & Safety Tips

Enjoying your favourite beeswax candles is as simple as lighting the wick and watching the delicate light dance around your living room. However, we have a few simple candle care tips to prolong their burn time and enhance your candle-burning experience. 


Candle Care Instructions

We know each of our candle's are unique, so we've segmented our candle care guide, helping you take care of candles depending on their height, size and burning type.


General Tips

Regardless of your candle type, these general candle care and safety tips can be applied to pillars, tapered and other designs. 

Trim the wick: Before your first use, trim the wick to approx. 1cm. This helps to create an even, calm flame, draw the natural honey aroma from the wax and ensure the candle doesn’t smoke. 

Don't drain hot wax: Once you blow out the candle, the hot wax will cool and harden, ready for the next time you light the wick. 



Burn to the edge (every time): Tunneling is a common challenge with pillar candles. For pillar candle care, ensure you're burning the candle to the edge every time you light it, which could take 2-6 hours, depending on the width. 

Keep them apart: Keep at least a 2cm gap between your pillar candles to prevent heating from the other candles so there is no overflow/drip, reduce mess and prolong their burn time. 


Tea Lights

Choose the right-sized holder: Burning tea lights and votives for a minimun of 2 hours to ensure you use all the wax. Burn the candles in the right container allows them to burn brighter and longer.



Reduce any breeze: Don't light underneath the ceiling fan or in rooms with a breeze so your tapered candles don’t overflow and drip wax. 

Safety first: Be mindful of nearby flammable objects and use a properly sized candle stick holder before lighting your tapered candles. 


Candles in Glass

Check your candles: While our glass candle holders are designed to withstand the high heat of burning beeswax, ensure the flame doesn’t touch the glass for a long period or it may cause the glass to crack. 


Candle Lanterns

Use the right candle: Our beeswax candles are best used with small tealight candles. 


Candle Wick Care

At Happy Flame, we use self-trimming wicks. Unlike traditional candles, you don't have to trim the wick between each use. Fuss-free candle wick care so you can have more time to sit back and enjoy.  



How to clean glass candle holders:

If you're left with a small amount of residual wax in your glass candle holder, we recommend the following:

  1. Fill the holder with cold water

  2. Place into the fridge overnight and wait for the wax to loosen

  3. Gently tug the wax away from the glass to remove it. 


If this method doesn't work or for stubborn wax, we recommend: 

  1. Place your glass candle holders into a bowl of hot (not boiling) soapy water

  2. Gently scrub the inside of the holder until the wax comes away

  3. Dry and they are ready to use again. 


General Safety Tips

  • Never leave burning candles unattended

  • Burn candles away from flammable materials such as curtains and furniture

  • Pay special attention while burning candles around pets and children

  • Use appropriately sized candle holders for your candles to avoid dripping or falling


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