Beeswax Medieval Candles

Looking for medieval-style candles to celebrate the historic Abbey medieval festival? Our range of beeswax medieval candles inspired by the traditional designs of the middle ages will help you step back in time. With no added fragrances, enjoy the natural and relaxing honey aroma without overwhelming the senses. Shop today or sign up for our candle subscription to save. 

Embrace the excitement, pageantry, and drama of the middle ages with our decorative medieval beeswax candles. Choose from our handmade Pillar, Celtic knot, flower-of-life candles, or ornate metal Pin for the perfect medieval aesthetic. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What are beeswax medieval candles used for?

Our beeswax medieval candles were created to help decorate your home (castle:) just like the Kings and Queens. In medieval times, beeswax candles were only made for Royalty, no one else was allowed to buy them to ensure the Kings and the royal court had enough to light their castles. The other folk, peasants, for example, had to use tallow (animal fat) candles which could have a horrible smell when burnt.


When do I use medieval beeswax candles?

Enjoy medieval candles to decorate your castle and when you set up camp at the Abbey Medieval Festival, or other reenactment festivals throughout the year.