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"Barcelona Rose". Beeswax candle

Many of our candles ideas come special requests… this one is one of these. This candle originally came from a Cathedral in Barcelona, brought back by one of our customers. She realised, though, she needed more to give to friends so she asked us to reproduce it… this is the result… and now she has 3 more to give to some very happy friends.

It is a stunning rose… each individual petal creates the candle, joined at the base just like a real rose.

Also beautiful when burning. We chose a wick (cotton of course) to create a big, bright light, perfect for a centrepiece on the table.

Five colours add to the effect. Choose from natural yellow, red, purple, orange and magenta ( a pink).

Packed in a kraft gift box with washi tape... perfect gift.

1 x "Barcelona Rose" in a kraft box:   $19.50

10 cm wide, 6 cm high. Australian beeswax. Vegetable based colours. 

Choose your colour from the menu below.

Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ Local Australian beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)
✓ Cotton Wicks - no metal
✓ No palm oil
✓ No canola oil (GMO)
✓ Chemical free beeswax
✓ No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax
✓ Honey Aroma, only what the bees put in
✓ 100% Happy Guarantee

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

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