Which are the best black out and emergency candles?
March 23, 2022

Which are the best black out and emergency candles?

Having just been through a week without power due to the floods in the Northern Rivers, we are reminded of the problems of not having light. It is impossible to predict a power outage, so best to be prepared, especially as we are now heading into the longer nights of winter in Australia.

Firstly a note on what candle you burn. Our candles are 100% beeswax and chemical free so when you burn them they will not give off toxic fumes. This is SO important when you are in a confined space like your home, especially with the windows closed. For more information on this see our blog here.

Our number one recommendation to prepare for a black out is to have at least one long burning pillar candle. Our "Spirit" candles are the best way of lighting for long periods of darkness. These are made to burn a minimum of 4 hours at a time to get the most hours from the candle. Choose from 5 different sized candles which burn from 50 to 200 hours. How many days is that... well during black outs you may need light for at least 5 hours a day so our smallest Spirit  candle will last you 10 days, our tallest candle will last for 40 days. That should cover  many poer outages.

To see all these candles, click here: "Spirit of Byron Bay pillar candles".

We do also make two candles called "Reflection" candles. These can burn up to 400 hours. Full details are here. (click link).

There are, though, times when you need light for shorter times, for example you may only need light for a couple of hours before going to sleep. Or maybe you would like 30 minutes of light while you make a sandwich :) These need small candles (not as wide) to burn the shorter times. You may also need multiple candles for around the house... one for the bathroom, one in the living room, one as a bedside light. My recommendation for this is to buy one of our packs of candles with different sizes and multiple candles in holders. The one I like is the Daily Routine pack which is available here. (click link).

Hope that helps you find the best candle to be prepared for the next black out. OF you have more questions please don't hesitate to call me on 0429 625519.

All the best in your preparations.