A shift continues... but you have already felt it.
June 25, 2019

A shift continues... but you have already felt it.


We love recounting the stories we hear at the markets, all the mums (and dads!) that are shifting to a new less-chemical world.

Recently one lovely customer traveled 2 hours to visit us at the organic market in Brisbane. She wanted to meet us face-to-face and talk through which were  the right candles for her lifestyle and family. She needed a new source of light for her home and had done the research. Beeswax candles made from Certified Organic beeswax was the key to a healthy candle light.

It is wonderful to continue to see the shift to candle light as a source of light in homes. As a returning customer said last week "There is no other light like your beeswax candles, warm and relaxing".

Which candles will light your home? Our "Spirit of Byron" pillar candles are made to burn for 3 hours and more... light when you come home, turn out all the other lights and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Need candle light for shorter times? Our Byron Lights and Mullumbimby Light beeswax candles will fill the room with a beautiful, steady light.

Hope you are enjoying our candles, or are looking to join the shift to a new way to light your home. If you would like to chat about which candle is best for your lifestyle please don't hesitate to call, (our phone numbers are here).