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Seven wick candle light made from Australian Certified Organic beeswax.

There is nothing like a big candle to fill a room with candle light. This is one of our biggest candle lights we have made.

Seven wicks are the key to the big spread of candle light.

Perfect for in the middle of your living room ... turn out the lights and enjoy the calm this candle brings.

Each candle is in a hand blown clear glass holder. This ensures the light shines through and light your room.  The thick glass will withstand  life's little bumps and the warmth of the candle.

This candle is made to burn for long times for the first few burn times, this allows the seven wicks to create pools of beeswax that join together. The pools are like a an expanding, ever-changing sculpture, beautiful to watch as it changes over time.

The number of hours this candle burns may vary depending on how you use it. It is, though, over 120 hours.

Size: 19cm wide x 9cm high

Made fem 100% Australian Certified organic beeswax.

Refill available. Reuse the glass container over and over again by buying a refill.


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