When beeswax isn't beeswax
February 19, 2018

When beeswax isn't beeswax

We received news from The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council last month highlighting the problems with importing beeswax into Australia.

The Council had long suspected that a lot of the beeswax imported into Australia was not pure. They recently obtained "beeswax" blocks that had been brought in from Malaysia which, when tested, showed that it was actually 100% paraffin wax (which is a by-product of diesel fuel). These blocks were being sold in a major retail chain who purchased them on the basis that it was 100% beeswax. The Council has reported the matter and hope to have more regulations on beeswax imports.

Not knowing the source of the beeswax is a major issue when buying imported beeswax.  This is why we only use beeswax from professional beekeepers we know in our local area.  We can confidently say that all the beeswax we use is 100% Australian Beeswax. 

Our move to Australian Certified Organic Beeswax was the most important one: You now know that the beeswax you buy from us is 100% Australian Certified Organic Beeswax therefore free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Peace of mind for you, safe from your family.

If you have any questions of need more information about beeswax please don't hesitate to phone or email me. Contact details are here.