September 06, 2016

Organic awareness month: 6 reasons to choose certified organic products

Our passion for all things chemical free is celebrated with September being Organic Awareness month.

Many people I talk to often struggle with buying certified organic products. We know, for example, with our candles made from Certified Organic beeswax many find the higher cost difficult to justify.

I thought a summary of the top six reasons to choose Australian Certified Organic products might help clarify:

We thank Australian Organic for this information. More details on all these points are on the Australian Organic website here.

1. It looks after our environment

The Australian Certified Organic Standard prohibits the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

2. It’s the best for animal welfare

Livestock must be free range to be certified organic. This means no caged chickens and no sow stalls. In our world, the bees must feed in chemical and pesticide free areas and no artificial feeding.

3. It’s real food that’s real good for your health

Certified organic food is real food made without synthetic colourings, preservatives, additives or GM ingredients.

4. Because skincare shouldn’t harm your health

Products wearing the Australian Certified Organic logo don’t use synthetic colouring agents and fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients, silicones, paraffin and petroleum products. We like ingredients that are naturally effective.

Certified organic skincare and cosmetics are cruelty free – the Australian Certified Organic Standard prohibits animal testing.

5. It’s grown without GM and made without nonotechnology

Australian legislation doesn’t require foods made with genetically modified material to be labelled as such so you’re best way to avoid it is to look for an organic certification logo.

6. Because it’s socially responsible

By buying Australian Certified Organic you are looking after worker’s rights. The Australian Certified Organic Standard upholds the principles of fair trade.

In a world that can be so complex it is important to know what we bring into our homes. We made the decision to source and make candles from Australian Certified Organic beeswax so you know that they are 100% chemical and pesticide free AND have the peace of mind knowing the bees are looked after.

Hope this helps clarify why Certified organic is so important not only for our health but also for the planet. As always, please contact me if you have any questions.