Celebrate Organic awareness month!
September 10, 2018

Celebrate Organic awareness month!

You probably noticed, we are very focussed on a chemical free lifestyle. 

The wonderful thing is that in Australia we can choose from a huge range of certified organic food and products, whether it is fresh organic carrots, cosmetics or our beeswax candles we can all choose to buy the safe alternative in certified organic.

September is Organic awareness month, a celebration of all things certified organic. In our latest newsletter we wrote about why certified organic:

Peace of mind:
Australian Certified Organic (ACO) standard prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. This means there is no toxic smoke when you use our beeswax candles. Just a sweet honey aroma.
Free to roam:
All livestock must be free to roam to be certified organic. They all must be given a quality of life that allows them to perform natural social and physical. Our beekeepers looks after the bees and travel great distances to ensure they have the best feeding areas possible. 


Two important factors for the health of your family and the planet.

Join us i celebrating the organics this month.