October 08, 2016

Beeswax candles for birth healing

One of the great things about setting up at markets is the wonderful people we meet. At Mullumbimby Farmers Markets every Friday morning I have  many customers who over the years have grown to be friends that share their lives and professions with me.

One such beautiful friend is Angela...

Angela is a midwife who has devoted her life to helping women heal from childbirth. If you had a disappointing or traumatic experience you don't need to hold onto it a second longer. Angela helps women reclaim lost moments and supports women to reclaim their voice and power now. She lights a Happy Flame beeswax candle for every woman who steps into her Three Moons healing programme. You can find Angela at www.birthyourtruth.com or phone her directly on 02 66 844 947.

It is just wonderful to see how our beeswax candles are used  -  prior to birth at the blessing way rituals, during birth women burn candles if they can birth at home or a birthing centre, and now after birth to heal and move forward.  I am very honoured that our candles are used in all these situations and thank Angela for this wonderful new avenue open to all women.