Are scented candles making you sick?
February 07, 2019

Are scented candles making you sick?

My mother could only burn a candle for 30 minutes, she loved the warm glow of the candle, but she said it took her breath away. Sadly we now realise that she was burning paraffin candles that are made from the waste products of diesel fuel, it was like starting her car in the living room.

Now, 30 years later we understand the health problems that paraffin candles can have on a family. But recently the discussions have turned to the effects of scented candles on peoples health.

"I don't get head acres when I burn your candles". Jane, January 2019

Reports of head acres are common and shortage of breath seems to also come from the use of some candles, suggesting the chemical based artificial scents made be the cause.

This article in Natural News talks about the chemicals that are released into the home when using scented candles. One horrifying example they discuss in length is limonene, "which a citrus smelling agent used in scented candles". It actually can be sourced from citrus peels and is used in many natural remedies, so on face value seems to be a good one to use.

BUT the article explains once you put it in a candles and in burned "Limonene interacts with the ozone, it forms the human carcinogen formaldehyde. For "every two molecules of limonene, one molecule of formaldehyde can be produced, scientists said".

Formaldyde in small amounts can cause eye irritation and long term exposure has shown cancer links. This is one example of what can be safe in its natural form but dangerous when burnt.

So, for a healthy home the evidence is there- if you use scented candles maybe it is time to buy a oil burner, which evaporates the oils to create the scent. Burning  the oil can cause all sorts of health issues.

Also it is important to choose beeswax candles for under your burner, not parraffin or plain soy, both chemical based.  

We created our candles made from certified organic beeswax so you have a real choice, now you can burn candles without the chemicals for a healthier home and family.