A time to revisit traditions?
December 24, 2018

A time to revisit traditions?

We received a lovely message last week thanking us for making the Advent and Count down to Christmas candles, both are traditions that the family had only taken on again in the last two years.

It made us think about traditions in our life and their importance. I think in this busy world traditions are often pushed into the background. And I don't necessarily mean celebrating (Eg) birthdays, but traditions that as a family we did with our parents and grandparents. Things like sitting at the end of the working day and chatting about what happened. Lighting a candle and remembering family and friends who are not with us any more. A friend remembered saying prays at dinner time and always had a candle burning over dinner (it was her mothers favourite thing to do). Of course it can also be having a breakfast BBQ on Sundays.. yum.

Lighting Advent candles is a tradition that has its roots in religion (we have a post here with more details) but many families have reintroduced the tradition of burning the candles more to re-kindle a tradition rather than the emphases being on religious celebration.  Our count down to Christmas candle is the same, creating a family moment every day that the children will remember and continue over the years to come.

We discuss many other occasions that mum's and dads are creating that they hope to form into a tradition. So many involve introducing candle light into a family.

What are your traditions- how do you celebrate every year... or every day?