A matter of choice- how to save
July 28, 2021

A Matter of Choice - How to Save

A Matter of Choice - How to Save


Last month we introduced three ways to financially help our friends and customers... the reaction has been amazing.

In this crazy world, with so many having to be at home, our beeswax candles are helping with clearing the air and calming the minds.

But there was a growing problem.. the lock downs and general disruption has caused much pain financially... have you noticed EVERYTHING seems to be going up in price! Our costs to run Happy Flame seems to go up every tie we buy a box :)

So, to help more people afford to buy our candles that will help get through these times, (and not fill their home with chemicals), we introduced three ways to help:

1. Lower shipping cost for small orders, and keep our free shipping option for other orders.

2. Re-introduce candles made from our standard beeswax saving up to 20% in some cases.

3. Discounts for regular buyers. If our candles are a part of your life style and you purchase on a regular basis, you can save 10 -15%.

The reaction has been great, and thank you all who have let us know it is helping.

We continue to work hard on delivering the most beautiful candles that everyone can afford.


Peter and and team at Happy Flame