A healthy home is the best resolution
January 03, 2019

A Healthy Home is the Best Resolution

A Healthy Home is the Best Resolution


A new year and usually a time we re-think many parts of our world.

What are you looking to change this year? I know everyone is giving you suggestions, but can we add to the list...

Have you thought about how "healthy" your home is? This is not only about how clean your house is, it is about what you use and do in the home. For examples, one of our main aims (some say obsessions) is not to use any artificial chemicals in and around our home that may harm our family. The obvious one is Round-up weed killer in the garden. It not only harms people but also bees and the environment.

Inside the home, what cleaners are you using? Insecticides? Drinking water quality? Ventilation? Burning toxic Soy and paraffin candles? The list is long and all important to your health.

To help your journey of creating a healthy home we will show you what we have discovered and how changing just a few things can make a huge difference. We will also introduce you to some wonderful people who are experts on healthy buildings. (our friend Kelly at Building biology NSW for example)

Hope you will join us along the way. We will have more information here and on social media.  Looking forward to chatting soon.