Chemical free life style?
February 29, 2016

Chemical Free Lifestyle?

Chemical Free Lifestyle?


The influence of chemicals on our life wasn't more clear to me than last weekend when a lady stopped at my Brisbane market stall. She was taking in all the different candles on my table with a big smile on her face... the honey aroma tends to do that at markets. Taking her time, I had the chance to chat with her and noticed that she had a slight "shake"... not the right word... but her whole body had a slight tremble.

After awhile she selected a box of tea lights and a few other candles saying they were for her home. She had just read about the dangers of using other candles that created toxic fumes and was determined to enjoy candle light without the chemicals. We chatted more about beeswax and our range of certified organic beeswax.

As I was packing everything up for her, I asked what was causing her shaking. She was quick to answer (as I did also ask if she minded telling me) that there was no clear answer or cure but she puts it down to a life on cattle properties, every "second day" using strong chemicals either dipping cattle, poisoning weeds, drenching... "it never ended" she said, "we were always using chemicals in our work".

It was a great reminder for us all about the effects of chemicals. You may say her life was an extreme example of chemical use, but I think we all should stop and think about the things we may use in the house, everyday, that are chemical based. Cling wrap for food? All the cleaners we use? cosmetics, deodorants? Soaps?

And our food? Recent news about infected lettuce leaves being recalled, it makes you wonder what we are eating that is not recalled. (the growth of organic food and farmers markets are evidence of our understanding of these issues.)

Our family have been fading out most chemical based products over the last 10 years, eg. stopping the use of poisons in our garden by growing the right plants to keep the bad bugs away (always feel welcome to ask for your free organic seeds here). Fresh food from all the farmers markets we attend was the biggest step of course.

Recently we decided to offer more products that will help reduce the use of chemicals, all with one main ingredient: beeswax. What an amazing material it is!

A few new products to help you lower your chemical usage:

Timber and leather polish, beads of beeswax to make lip balms and cream and food Wraps. We have had some great feedback on all of these products.

For chemical free skin care we recommend our friends at The Herbal Gardener. We their range of products online here.

We look forward to hearing your stories of changing the products in your home to chemical free alternatives. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or information you would like to share.