May 20, 2015

Which candle is right for me?

Choosing a candle can be a little confusing so here is an easy way to pick one of our candles.

Choosing a candle is like choosing a light globe. It all depends on how you are going to use your candle. For example our Byron spirits are 3" wide. These are candles made to burn for approx 3 hours or more. I light these candles when I come home and stay home. I light the candles when I come home after picking up the children from school and we don't have other activities planned. The candle stays in until we go to bed.

The aim is to burn each of out candles so that the pool of molten wax is close to the outside. This way you use the candle so that most of the wax will be used. With the Byron spirits that can take 3 hours. Our Byron bay light needs about approx 2 hours and our Bangalow light approx 1 hour.

You need to do this every time you light the candle if you wish to burn the candle evenly, using all the wax. ie it won't make a whole in the centre of the candle. Most of our customers buy a variety of sizes and light the one that is most suited to their needs at the time.

What if I only want to burn it for 15 mins?  That is, when I am  meditating. The best candle for this is our solid or honeycomb candle stick. You can burn this candle for 5 mins at the time or burn it all in one go which will take about 12 hours.

Tea lights are also candles that need to be burned for about 1.5 to 2 hours at the time. The best way to burn a tea light is to burn it in one sitting or burn half and then the other half later. This way you will use all the wax.

So choose a range of candles to suit your lifestyle and enjoy the sweet honey aroma with the wonderful candlelight only beeswax offers.
If you have any questions or need more info don't hesitate to contact me (here).