March 03, 2015

Are beeswax candles safe for pet birds in your home?

Are beeswax candles safe for pet birds at home? This is a question we were asked this week from a customer who has birds in her home, and young children looking after them. She wanted to make sure that the birds were not effected by the fumes of our beeswax candles, having just read about the problems with non beeswax candles.

We were very happy to say that of our candles do not give off any toxic fumes when burning so the pet birds, and family were safe. Why? We don't add anything to our candles- no oils, chemicals, artificial fragrances or other waxes so they are 100% natural. The wonderful bonus is that beeswax candles are also a natural ionzier so they actually help clean the air. More details

Artificial fragrances in candles made of paraffin, palm oil and soy can cause harm to animal and people alike. Chemical sensitivity is becoming a major issue, research shown on the website Chemical sensitivity Foundation highlights our need to ask more questions of what is candles, reed diffuses and plug in air fresheners. Clean air is so critical to our health.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email us. Our contact details are here.