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Why Happy Flame candles? A natural high.

February 05, 2015

We meet so many wonderful people in our travels, and enjoy helping each to choose the right candles and lanterns. Recently we started to ask why our customers choose our candles, what makes the difference? We thought we would share some of their thoughts and reasons in this blog…

Getting High Naturally:

I’ve been buying Happy Flame Candles for… I can’t remember exactly as they are such a part of our life now they feel as if they have always been there. 

As the sun sets it’s always time to light the candle. 

I generally have the largest of your candles going on the main table where it is safe in its beautiful glass housing and I don’t have to worry about it. I light other ones too but the big one in central and lights up our whole dinning area which can be seen from the kitchen. 

One of the kids naturally goes and lights it – or complains it’s not on and then lights it!!!

It’s part of our way of life – a beeswax candle burning on the dinning room table. It’s like the centre of our home at night. We’re all drawn to its radiance, the fabulous smell and the warmth it creates in the room. It’s part of our family now.

I love that I don’t have to trim the wick or end up with a drowned wick. As long as I burn it to the edges the candle burns perfectly all the way to the bottom. The little bit of wax that is left at the end I put out for the bees. They love it.

And then it’s time to chose a new one. It wouldn’t be the same if the candle wasn’t beeswax and smelt so nice. 

In our house it’s like a season passing as each candle is renewed. We love this ritual. 



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