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It's the "finishing" by hand that makes the best beeswax candles.

October 24, 2014

Honey bees on a frame.

Beeswax is not an easy wax to work with… it took us two years to work out how to make candies that burn properly, that is:-

They burn with a nice, bright flame to fill the room with candle light, they won't mess up your table by dripping, and they don't create smoke to dirty your walls or ceilings. But most importantly we make our products consistently well so this happens each time you buy one…. you know the candle will be just as good each time.


Handcrafting is the key of course. Most candles are pushed out of machines… very profitable for the companies but not the same as true candles created by hand. As one of our friends say, hand crafted candles have a soul, you can see and feel the difference.


Also, have you noticed that we "finish" each candle? Finishing a candle involves three extra steps after the candle is made:

1. The wick is coated with beeswax. This ensures the candle is easy to light and then, once lit, burns well.

2. Every candle is straightened. This means every pillar candle stands at 90 degrees which ensures that they don't drip.

3. Smooth the edges. There is no "technical" reason to hand smooth the edge of our candles or lanterns. It does, though, make the candle look great… beautiful even when not lit. We think it is worth doing.

 Hand finished Happy Flame candle

This is all a part of our seven step process in crafting our products.  Of course the most important reason we do this is to ensure you enjoy the candle light. Whether you are burning one of our candles to celebrate, remembering a loved one or using candle light to calm the family after a tough day.


More information here about how we work.




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