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New "Warm & cosy" candle pack- 215 hours of candle light

A special pack of candles to fill your home with candle light made from 100% Australian Beeswax.

You have two options with the beeswax the candles are made from:

Option 1: Candles made from Australian Certified Organic which means that the beeswax is free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicide. Important for the health of you and your family when burning candles.

Option 2: Our standard beeswax is from our local beekeepers feeding their bees on the cleanest environments in Australia, the Northern Rivers region.

We include beautiful glass holders to suit each candle to ensure they burn perfectly.

This pack includes:

12 x 4 hour tea lights+ 1 x glass holders to suit

7 x 9 hour happy Lights + 2 x glass holders to suit

4 x  12+ hour votives + 1 x glass holder to suit

1 x Small 50 hour "Byron Spirit" pillar candle

Warm & cosy pack made from certified organic beeswax:   $ 160.00 Normally $170.00 save $10.00

Warm & cosy pack made from conventional beeswax:   $ 135.00.  Normally $145.00 save $10.00

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Packed in a kraft box and sealed with washi tape- perfect gift.

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