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Beeswax polish for timber and leather

We have always had a few wooden pieces of furniture at home. Just love the natural textures and patterns in timber. We have being wanting to make a natural beeswax polish for years to use on our furniture, but without the chemicals that so many polishes have.

We are very happy with the results we have had, but really excited by all the feedback we have received from our friends testing it.

This is a nourishing cream that is easy to work with. Soft, so you can quickly spread it and work it into the wood. You can see the timber absorb the natural beeswax and oil.

We use a grapespeed oil, recommended by a friend who makes the most amazing chopping boards in Byron. He recommends only grapeseed oil.

Leather? This gives dry leather a new life. Whether it is for you leather couch or a favourite leather jacket, you will enjoy the results.

We use only Australia certified organic beeswax and grape seed oil.

Beeswax polish, 200ml glass jar:   $24.50

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