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Beeswax food wraps- the safer "cling wrap"- Australian made bee wraps!

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Our passion for using less chemicals in our home is now a little easier in the kitchen. These are Bee Wraps, beeswax coated cotton cloth. Use them instead of cling wrap so no more plastic next to your food. The Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in cling/plastic wrap move into your food, causing a range of health issues.

A friend of ours in Mullumbimby makes these beeswax food wraps and they work brilliantly. Unlike other wraps, these do cling to your dish and make a seal to keep the food fresh.

Beeswax is the perfect coating easy to clean (just use warm water), long lasting. Combined with her other "secret" ingredients, these are flexible and simple to use.

They last about 12-18 months, great value. 2 packs available:

Three wrap pack:   $29.00

1 x  small 18 x 20 cm wrap

1 x  medium 25 x 33 cm wrap

1 x  Large 34 x 34 cm wrap

Four wrap pack:   $39.00

All the wraps above and also:

1 x Extra large 47 x 42 cm

Fabric colours will vary, but they are all so beautiful.

Support Australian made bee wraps. Australian beeswax so you know it is safe.


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