Triple-Wick Beeswax Candle in Glass


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We have only made a few candles in glass over the years, usually as special orders. But we realised that many people love candles in glass it has a special look and feel when alight.

We found a beautiful clearglass holders, perfect for beeswax. Nice thick walls to handle the heat safely. The clear holder is "crystal" clear to ensue you see the glow of the candle. There  is also a "cut glass"style here , a Tree of life candle, and  a single wick Ribbed glass holder 

Glass = Refillable = reducing waste. The greatest thing about glass candle holders is they can be used over and over. We have created the refill so you can keep using the glass holder, and save a few dollars too. Refill available below.

Three wicks instead of one? We found one big, single wick worked well but athe  flame was too big and so not a calm light.

Three wicks gives us the beautiful big candle light but nice calm flames... perfect for relaxing.

Two options for you to choose, candles made from our Certified organic beeswax or our conventional beeswax:

Two types of beeswax available: Conventional and Certified organic. More information on these different types of beeswax is here (click) in the FAQ's

✓ 100% local Australian beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame) in Australia
✓ 100% Cotton Wicks no metal in our wicks.
✓ Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

approximately 35-45 hour burn time, depending how you burnt he candle.

Glass is 8.5cm x 10 cm

Triple wick candle in clear glass  bamboo lid, certified organic beeswax:     $49.50

Triple wick candle in clear glass bamboo lid, conventional beeswax:     $45.50

Refill -triple wick candle only, certified organic beeswax: $39.50

Refill - triple wick candle only, conventional beeswax: $35.50