Information that I found to help detox your home.
August 09, 2020

Information that I found to help detox your home.

Never has there been a more important time to reduce the use of chemicals in our lives.

For years we have talked with people that have decided to detox, or reduce the use of chemicals in their home. Indeed, at the moment, with so much time being spent inside, the influence of chemicals on our health is real and so important to look at how to reduce them in our homes and work areas.

The following are a few articles I found to be useful. They highlight and explain what areas of our lives are currently being exposed to chemicals and how to make changes.

Information to start the change:

A great start is this article called "Toss the toxins"Branch Basics is a firm in that has a range of non toxic products to use around home. Their story has a real mission to make a difference and reduce chemical exposure.

Organic living. This is a good start to how to live chemical free, including information about organic food. Go here for more info.

This is a great blog post from The Herbal Gardener that talks about importance of using organic, natural skin care but also has a wide range of information about the effects of chemicals in the home.

I also like this article on that highlights 10 areas to reduce your chemical use.

Use of fragrances in the home is a real health issue. This is information we have gathered, including links to advice from the Asthma Council about VOC's.

I hope these help. We are passionate about reducing the use of chemicals in the home and one of the main reasons that we create beeswax candles that don't produce toxic fumes. Our use of Australian Certified Organic beeswax is the key to ensure this.

Do you have other information about a chemical free lifestyle? Let me know so we can pass it on.

Looking forward to hearing your journey to a chemical free world.

 More information about why we don't use fragrances in our candles is here. (link)

A guide to which candle is best for your daily routine is here (link)