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6 Hour Beeswax Taper Candle


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100% local Australian beeswax. Choose from our conventional & certified organic beeswax.

100% Cotton wicks. No metal in our wicks.

±6 hour burn time for each candle. 20 cm tall, 2cm wide at base.

A traditional tapered shape, perfect for your new and old candle stick holders or candelabras. No drips and no smoke from our candles.

This is the perfect candle for short burning times, for example if you are meditating for 10 minutes.

A great total burn time of 6 hours is perfect for a number of dinner parties or on and off during breakfast.

20 cm tall and 2cm wide at the base, perfect for new holders. Easily trimmed at the base to fit smaller, older candle stick holders.

The aroma from our candles is just beautiful. Some say a sweet, floral.

Since 2016 Happy Flame has hand made beeswax candles in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia

Our beeswax is sourced from the local area and is renown for being the highest quality and cleanest in Australia. We do not add anything to our beeswax. Your candles are 100% beeswax. That means no oils, no additives, and definitely no other types of wax. 

Our candle wicks are made of cotton, no metals or other nasty materials. These are 100% natural wicks for your health.

Kind words from our taper candle users:

These are the best candlesticks you will find. Amazing value and they burn strong and even. They give an amazing amount of light. These are a staple in our house. I love how you can just light them for dinner or short periods of time unlike the larger candles that need to be burned for hours at a time.


This candle has such a lovely bright flame and an even burn. Love it, thank you!


Sustainable candle wax and eco friendly


The only eco-friendly, sustainable wax for candles. Beeswax is the candle wax that nature provides for us. The bees create the wax and we harvest it with little disruption to their hives. 

When the honey and beeswax is harvested it is only the excess the bees have made taken. In doing this, the bees continue to thrive and create more honey and wax. This ensures that the beeswax is truly a sustainable candle wax. Other candle waxes are created using chemical processes, not good for you or the environment. 

There is more information here (click link) about how other candle waxes are made and why beeswax is a better choice for your health.

Certified organic for a chemical free experience. If you would like to ensure that your beeswax candles are 100% chemical free, we offer candles made from certified organic beeswax. 

We have two beekeepers that are Certified organic, and we (Happy Flame) are also a Certified organic processor so you know the beeswax truly organic. 

Our beeswax is certified to be chemical free by a third party, Australian Organic. You will know will know the ACO logo. They are Australian largest certifier and best known.

The difference between our conventional and certified organic beeswax is shown here (click link)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time I should burn the Taper candles?

No there is no minimum time on the taper candles. This makes them ideal for meditation or short burn times. They can, though, be lit for the entire 6 hours , that is, there is no maximum time to burn them as well.

Do the taper candles smoke or drip?

No our taper candles are hand made to ensure that they do not drip or smoke in your home. If you take the candle in a room with a strong breeze or outside in the wind, the tapers may drip as the wind will push the wax over the edge.

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