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Resolve to make our world a little less complex.

January 24, 2018

Resolve to make our world a little less complex.

New year resolutions come thick and fast... we have all created the lists over the year.

For us there are personal resolutions- take time out from the business, eat good food, rest well, and ensure there is happiness in the family. Really the simple things.

For our business, Happy Flame, we also are trying to keep it simple. We will continue to ensure that you have the option to choose Australian Certified Organic beeswax, always offer a good range of candles to suit your world, and ensure that every candle is the high quality that you expect.

Simple, natural beeswax:

Becoming an Australian Certified organic business is probably the most important thing we have done. As you are aware, the world is still using huge amounts of chemicals, including candles. Paraffin and soy candles are not natural waxes and are made FROM chemical processes (diesel fuel in a candle, who thought of that?). These are options that are not healthy for you or the planet.

Sadly, in some areas of bee keeping we are now seeing more chemicals being used to fight pests that damage bee colonies.This highlights the importance of having our Certified organic beekeeper working with us to ensure these chemicals are not in our candles.

Keep the making processes simple:

As you know, we make everything by hand, although the temptation of machines saving time and money looks good some days :)  But with machines comes a different type of candle, one without soul. We will continue to keep it simple and make all our candles by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Keep the quality the best:

Did you know we test every batch of beeswax we use to make sure it burns well? After every batch of beeswax is cleaned, we make a tea light and burn it. It has to burn the allocated time (4-5 hours) but also must burn with a bright, happy flame lighting the table surrounding the candle. It is all about creating beautiful candlelight.

Over the Christmas break we talked to so many people who had experienced badly made candles, ones that just didn't burn properly or didn't burn at all!  Our recommendation is, regardless of what excuses you hear from the "maker" of the candles, if the candle wick drowns or doesn't burn brightly, send it back. 

For us 2018 will be an exciting year filled with meeting new people and making new candles, but we are also pleased to offer you the best quality candles to suit your world.

Have a wonderful year and we look forward to talking with you soon.

Anca and Peter


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